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End of Season Triathlon Challenge

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End of Season Triathlon Challenge Results:


Completed 3 of 3:
Michael Stevenson
Comleted 2 of 3:
Dennis Mix Joe Lemery William Stroud
Steven Skonieczny Tom Gale
Most Podiums:
Michael Stevenson and Tom Gale tied with 2
Fastest Overall:
Mountain Lakes Michael Stevenson (1:13:52), Tom Gale (1:14:14)
Rocket Man Michael Stevenson (2:25), Tom Gale (2:28)
Frantic Frog Michael Stevenson (1:07), Joe Lemery (1:14)
Fastest Swim
Mountain Lakes Steven Skonieczny, 10:08
Rocket Man Joe Lemery, 30:55
Frantic Frog Michael Stevenson, 8:04
Fastest Bike:
Mountain Lakes Michael Stevenson, 39:26
Rocket Man Michael Stevenson, 1:03
Frantic Frog Michael Stevenson, 35:48
Fastest Run:
Mountain Lakes Tom Gale, 19:41
Rocket Man Tom Gale, 44:59
Frantic Frog Michael Stevenson, 21:49
Fastest T1: Michael Stevenson, Rocket Man, 49 seconds
Fastest T2: Michael Stevenson, Frantic Frog, 51 seconds


Completed 3 of 3:
Karen Doehrman
Natalie Westbrook
Heather Haney
Comleted 2 of 3:
Most Podiums:
Karen Doehrman 3
Natalie Westbrook 2
Heather Haney 1
Fastest Overall
Mountain Lakes Karen Doehrman, 1:21
Rocket Man Karen Doehrman, 2:49
Frantic Frog Karen Doehrman, 1:17
Fastest Swim
Mountain Lakes Karen Doehrman, 10:45
Rocket Man Karen Doehrman, 33:14
Frantic Frog Karen Doehrman, 8:20
Fastest Bike:
Mountain Lakes Karen Doehrman, 41:17
Rocket Man Karen Doehrman, 1:10
Frantic Frog Karen Doehrman, 39:00
Fastest Run:
Mountain Lakes Heather Haney, 24:33
Rocket Man Heather Haney, 57:03
Frantic Frog Natalie Westbrook, 24:02
Fastest T1: Dana D, 1:16
Fastest T2: Dana D tie with Heather Haney, 1:06

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