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The Tribe’s Shared Goals

The members of the E3 TriVolution Tribe are serious, dedicated athletes who work hard. Helping the e3 athletes’ reach their goals is our first priority. Learn more about E3 TriVolution Coaches – Eric and Karen Doehrman.

Honest feedback is essential for progress. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to assist our athletes achieve their goals. Communication and motivational tools keep The Tribe engaged and focused. Our Online Tools help our athletes stay in touch, train and compete.

E3 TriVolution Coaching works if you follow the plan, work hard and believe in yourself – then on race day you can enjoy your performance. Read Testimonials from our E3 TriVolution athletes.

The Tribe at E3 TriVolution is driven, is inspirational, is out to win and is on the podium! View Results of the competitions the E3 TriVolution athletes have completed.

Meet the Tribe

Check back soon for profiles and backstories of members of the E3 Tribe.