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Testimonials from e3 Athletes

Training to bring out the best in you

Triathlon training cannot come from a textbook or a class in a hotel. Photo of Anthony LeeIf you want to use years of experience and knowledge to attain your absolute best and go outside the bounds of “normal” you have to train with Eric!!! I have know Eric quite a few years as a Mentor, friend and fellow Triathlete (and coach). I have seen him in action as a Coach and athlete, he will give you his absolute best so you can perform on Race Day. He knows how to train your mind and Body, and bring the best out of YOU!!! So “Train with the Tribe” you won’t regret it.”

– Anthony Lee Level II USAT Level II USAC Senior Elite Coach Vanguard Triathlon

Benefits beyond expectations

Previously, I was a self-coached age-group triathlete. I hired Eric for two specific purposes: to improve my swim, and to overcome recurring running injuries in my calves I had been battling for 3 years. To my surprise, the first benefit I saw was increased strength and speed on the bike, even though I was only getting in 30-40 miles a week. Through modest revisions in my running technique, I am putting less strain on my calves and have not had a recurrence of the injury–what a blessing! The structure and volume of my swim workouts have improved my speed and strength such that I’m no longer dependent on a wetsuit to be at my best for the swim. Believe it or not, I now prefer non-wetsuit races.

Photo of Tom Gale

With a family of young kids and a demanding job, I do not have much time to train, so I have to make most of every workout I can squeeze in. Eric worked closely with me to develop a “menu” of swim, bike, run, and brick sessions that I can choose from as my schedule allows. With Eric’s training plan and coaching expertise, I had a successful 2011 with no injuries, a couple of AG victories, 1st military at Rocketman (Olympic distance), and 3rd overall at Heel and Crank (sprint duathlon). Thanks for everything, Coach!

- Tom Gale, FCA Endurance Teammate


Maximizing potential with The Tribe

I had never been an athlete until I started cycling at the age of 45 and quickly found my first passion. After two years of riding with friends and finishing a couple of centuries, I decided to jump into the triathlon world, although I had absolutely no experience swimming or running. I joined a gym and struggled to train on my own by learning everything I could on the web, in books and magazines, and from the few novice triathletes that I knew. I raced a couple of sprint tri’s with marginal success, mid-pack at best in my age group.

Photo of Ed Blalack

Then I met Eric! He was experienced, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and genuinely interested in transforming me into the best athlete I could be. Even though I really didn’t believe in myself and my abilities, Eric always did. He is a true motivator! After taking a long hiatus due to personal, business, and health issues, I started back on my triathlon journey in February 2010.

It was time to Train with the Tribe!! Mindful of me recovering from shoulder surgery, Eric developed the training plan to take me from zero to finishing a Half Ironman in 8 months. Even with significant struggles with injuries during this time, Eric was always. He really is part friend, part coach, and part psychologist. After successfully overcoming all the hurdles that came my way, the focused training improved my race performances from mid-pack to consistently being in the top 10 age group. I completed my first Half Ironman at the Augusta 70.3 race with a better than expected finish and then immediately set my sights on the Ironman distance.

Eric’s Ironman experiences have been invaluable in guiding my physical and mental training and fully preparing me for the big race. Sure it’s a huge commitment and it takes a lot of training, but the journey is unbelievably rewarding. And Eric and The Tribe have been there every step of the way. Ironman Florida will be my first full distance race, and I’m prepared, not just to finish, but to finish STRONG!! Eric says I still don’t even know what my potential is but I’m sure he will find it. Can Kona be far behind?

- Ed Blalack


Eric does the worrying – I just follow the plan

I am stronger and faster than I ever thought possible! In a few weeks I will stand on the beach in PCB before IMFL knowing I am well prepared and able to finish.

Almost a year ago I signed up for an ironman distance triathlon. For the next six months I floundered around trying to find a training plan that would work for me and get me to the start of the race prepared and healthy. It was becoming painfully obvious I was in way over my head and I needed help. I had considered a coach but really thought coaches were only for “serious” athletes… Guys with 2% body fat who can run 5 minute miles with ease…not for middle age plodders like me.

I knew Eric would be a great coach for serious guys with serious speed, but i wasn’t sure he would be able to help someone like me. I couldn’t have been more wrong and I couldn’t be happier with Eric’s coaching or my progress this season! I was afraid he would ask me to do things that were too hard for me but my training sessions have never been impossible…hard, yes. challenging, you bet but beyond my reach…never.

Eric had always been there to tell me when to take time off and when to push harder. He has been supportive and encouraging each step of the way. Ready to help with a kind word or a kick in the seat and the wisdom to know which i needed most at the time. Perhaps the best part of training with Eric is I don’t have to worry if I am doing the right workout at the right time. He does the worrying…I just follow the plan.

I can swim and bike faster than I ever thought I possible. I have made more progress in the pool in the last six months with Eric’s help than i did in the prior two years of lap after mindless lap. I went from being the slowest swimmer in my age group to standing on the podium…in just a few months.

- Gayle Reese, Huntsville, AL

e3 Work Ethic

Achieve shared goals with E3 Trivolution Coaching

Training with Eric has given my training a whole new sense of purpose. Every single workout, every part of the workout, has its own purpose, and it has given my training a lot more meaning and direction. His training really is for the serious athlete, its intense and it pushes you to another level. Logging your workouts allows Eric to give you almost immediate feedback to incorporate into your training. He has prepared me physically and mentally to complete my first triathlon season, from a sprint triathlon to a half Ironman (in two weeks!) injury free and feeling strong. You can tell that Eric has a big passion for coaching and working with new triathletes.
- Natalie Westbrook, Huntsville, AL

Eric is the most open and honest coach I've had. He's also an amazing and inspiring athlete. To be honest, I looked at his site once and haven't really gone back. I was sold and ready to put my trust in him after a few emails. Eric was suggested to me by a friend that has been his client for a few years now and has gone from a newbie to competing in multiple iron mans annually and recently qualified for Boston. Everything he does is exceptional. He's open and honest, your training is tailored to your ability, not the same generated plan that everyone uses which you can just get from any book, and he's not just a coach but he's a friend.
Nothing. Most the time an athlete feels disappointed or that they have fallen short the only person to blame is themselves and the first person they blame is the coach. If you don't do the work then you can't have unrealistic expectations.
Photo of Jennifer Davis
As someone that has been through the clinic for USAT let me tell you that basically, it's not exactly all it's cracked up to be, especially now that you literally show up for a 2 day seminar at a hotel meeting room and then take a big binder home with a test you have 30 days to complete and mail back. Now, what I can tell you is that if you decide to work with Eric when people ask you about your training and you tell them you train 6-7 days a week every single person is going to say to you "that's too much, you're going to hurt yourself". If you follow the training schedule and practice correct form in all 3 disciplines then those people will be dead wrong. Trust me, I've been told so many times how crazy my schedule is that I just now keep it to myself. My family knows, a select few of my triathlon and marathoning family knows, and that's where my main support comes from, including from Eric and his wife and a few members of the E3 family. I'm crazy. I do back to back races, very long distance events, and I haven't been injured in years.

Mind you that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in my feet, ankles and hands, vascular thoracic outlet syndrome on my left side that effects my neck and arm, my thyroid problems have prevented me from losing 35lbs to be at my optimal racing weight and Eric knows all of this and pushes me in my training so I am capable of going to the next level. Never before have I thought it possible to complete an Ironman, which I'm not only fully capable of but planning 2 Ironmans for next year in addition to my 2 ultra marathons, 3-4 marathons, 6 half marathons and 2-3 half Ironmans.

Basically, anything is possible as long as you want it bad enough and have a coach who wants you to succeed more than you do! - Jennifer Dennis, Los Angeles, CA:

I am 54, and I have trained with Eric Doehrman from E3 Trivolution since February of 2010. He is my triathlon coach, friend and mentor. He helped me overcome misapprehension and prepare for a ½ Ironman distance event, the Avia Wildflower Triathlon, held in May 2010 in California.

Along the way helping me to acquire an amazing Mercury triathlon bike at a good price, and establishing a training program that has taken me to the age group podium twice (UAH 10k 2010 and Heel and Crank Duathlon 2010) and forth place at the 2010 Frantic Frog event. Then I participated in the Huntsville ½ marathon setting a Personal Record. His monthly training plans are intense, always tailored to me.
Photo of Sid Hoyt
This year my big challenge is to participate in the Ironman Florida event in Panama City, Florida in November this year. It is September. So far this year in May I completed the Rev 3 ½ Ironman distance triathlon in Knoxville, in August the Rocketman Olympic distance triathlon and Sunday the 25th of this month I will participate in the Augusta ½ Ironman event. These events have been part of my training for the big event. I haven’t completed it yet, but I am confident with Eric’s guidance I will complete the Ironman. There are 46 days remaining, but who is counting?
- Sid Hoyt, Huntsville, AL