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Invitus poem

You are probably asking yourself, “Why do they have poetry on a coaching website?”

The answer lies at the root of our philosophy of tapping the an athlete’s inner strengths and indomitable spirit. It belies the calling of the athlete that desires to chart their own destiny rather than bow to the circumstances that surround them.

Do you have the indomitable spirit?
Do you want to know what you are capable of?
Do you know that the secret to success is hard work?

We know as athletes that not everyone can be a winner, but everyone can be a competitor. The true essence of an athlete can be seen in how they compete, not necessarily how they finish.

Our approach to training is so simple that most athletes don’t believe us when we tell them. What you need is a strong work ethic and the desire to get the most out of training, racing and life!

Our Focus

We focus on clear, concise, and consistent training – emphasizing quality first and quantity a distant second. We believe that every athlete has the potential to amaze themselves. It is our job to tap that potential and help you realize your dreams. We know we can’t do the training for you but we can ensure that the training that you get is the best. It is up to you to follow through and do the work.

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