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Unleash Your Inner Beast!

Posted by on October 3rd, 2011 with 0 Comments

Do you want to take your training to the next level?

Do you want to KNOW how much your body can take?

Do you want to learn more about yourself?

Do you want to improve your skills?

Do you need a boost in confidence?

Do you want to be challenged like you have never been challenged before?

Do you want to train with other athletes with similar goals?

Do you want to have a great time and sleep like a log?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a training camp may be ideal for you!

Training camps offer athletes a “working vacation”. “Working” because you will train and then train some more. “Vacation” because you will be free from everyday worries and only have to worry about the next hill, 800 run set or what you are going to eat when you finish the current training session.


Training camps are an ideal platform for the athlete to immerse themselves in training without the usual distractions. There won’t be 6:30 am management meetings. No rubber chicken lunches. No carpool. No grass to cut. No soccer games or dinner to cook.


Your days at camp are carefully orchestrated by the coaches. You will work hard beacause you want to. You will probably visit the pain cave at least once a day. You will face challenges and you will beat them. You will have fun.

A typical week at training camp could look something like this.

Day one:

This is your easy day. Many are tired from travel

A.M. 5k jog to beach for warm up. Open water swim. 5k jog back to Villa

Lunch and rest

P.M. 50 mile bike ride with a few hills thrown in for fun


Day Two:

A.M. 75 Minute open water swim, short break and then off to track for short workout


P.M. 65 Mile ride followed by 5 mile trail run


Day Three:

A.M. TT workout on 40 mile course

Lunch and rest

P.M. Open water swim with run to and from beach

Dinner out

Day Four:

A.M. Beach running workout followed by mass start swim practice and team relays races


P.M. Long Ride


Day Five:

A.M. Long run 12-16 miles

Lunch and Nap (yoga and massage as desired)

P.M. Open water swim session


Day Six:

A.M. Race day challenge


Afternoon at the beach for fun and games


Can you imagine how much fun that would be?

The days will be tough, but not so tough as to keep you from being able to train the next day. Some people put on camps that destroy an athlete in two days. That is never our goal. Our goal is to get you to the end of camp tired but excited about a new season!


When you are ready to unleash your inner beast, consider a training camp!

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