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Recent Results

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Florida Ironman Finishers

Brian Tucker
Richard Winters
Ed Blalack
Sidney Holt
Gayle Reese

Individual Results

Tom Gale
Frank Maples, 3rd age group
Mountain Lakes, 4th age group
Rocketman, 1st military division
Heel and Crank Duathlon, 3rd Overall Male
Chattanooga Waterfront, 26th age group

Christopher Stock
Augusta 70.3, 5th age group, 2012 Worlds Qualifier
Rocketman, 1st age group
Chattanooga, 1st age group
Music City, 4th age group
Mach Tenn, 4th age group
Cotton Row Run, 2nd place age group, 7th overall

Natalie Westbrook
Mt. Lakes Tri, August 13, 2011, 1:30:56, 5th place age group
Rocketman Triathlon, August 28, 2011, 2:59:46, 3rd place age group, first Olympic triathlon!
Frantic Frog Tri, September 10, 2011, 1:21:13, 2nd place age group
Miami Man Half Iron, Finish

Gayle Reese
Mach Tenn – Personal best time!
Chattanooga Waterfront 2011 finish
Music City 2011 finish
Mountain Lakes 2011 finish
Rocketman 2011 -3rd place masters athena
Frantic Frog 2011 – 3rd place masters athena
Florida Ironman

Heather Haney
Rocketman, 4th age group
Mountain Lakes, 6th age group
Augusta 70.3, Finisher, first half! 53rd age group/158
Wet Dog, 9th age group
Frantic Frog, 2nd age group
Cotton Row Run 10k, 7th place age group, PR
Monte Sano 15k, 8th age group
Spirit of America 5 miler, 2nd place female, PR

Karen Doehrman
Mountain Mist 50k Trail Run, Finish
Ironman St. George, Finish
Mach Tenn Triathlon, 1st age group
Chattanooga Waterfront, 14th age group
Rocketman, 1st age group
Mountain Lakes, 2nd age group, 2nd fastest female bike split
Frantic Frog, 3rd Masters

Eric Doehrman
Mountain Mist 50k Trail Run, Finish
Ironman St. George, Finish
Mach Tenn Triathlon, 3rd age group
Frank Maples, 2nd age group
Wet Dog, 1st age group
Chattanooga Waterfront, 70th age group
Heel and Crank Duathlon, 3rd age group
Scottsboro Duathlon, you won something – cannot find results
Mountain Lakes, 7th age group
Frantic Frog, team, place 1

Sidney Holt
Rev3 Half Iron, Knoxsville. Finish
Augusta 70.3, Finish
Rocketman, Finish
Florida Ironman

Ed Blalack
Mach Tenn, 4th fastest bike age group (did not run so no finish)
Mountain Lakes, 9th age group
Wet Dog, 7th age group
Rocketman, team – Place?
Frantic Frog, team – 1st place
Florida Ironman

David Piper
San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon
Los Angeles Marathon
Pasadena Marathon, Boston Qualifier
Ironman Canada Finisher

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