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Only a C-?!!

Posted by on December 13th, 2011 with 0 Comments

This is what the majority of athletes get for the performance at their “A” race. Many athletes do get an A+, they are the ones on the podium or those that have had standout performances and achieved personal bests. The rest are usually a C-.
This sounds like a harsh criticism but let’s face the facts, most athletes aren’t properly prepared for their goal race.

Let’s consider this typical example:

Joe Triathlete is training for an Olympic Distance race. He wants to qualify for Nationals at this race.
He has a training plan that calls for 10 workouts in any given week. This plan have been put together according to Joe’s schedule and availability.

Joe misses an average of 3 training sessions per week or does not perform the workouts as designed for various reasons. Simple math will tell us that he is already doing only 70 % of what his training calls for. This, in and of itself is a C- in just about any public school in America, in many it is an F.

How do we get Joe to be an A student?

Consistency is the key element here. It isn’t the responsibility of Joe’s coach to do the workouts. It is Joe’s responsibility to do the workouts. If Joe can only do 5 workouts a week then he is the one who has to let his coach know that he can only do 5 workouts a week. Until Joe finds it unacceptable to miss a training session, Joe will be a at best a C-.

Athletes who only complete a portion of their training cannot expect great results on race day. They haven’t done what is necessary to achieve their goals.

Athletes who make a total commitment to their training have the best results. These athletes have realistic goals and don’t make excuses when it comes to doing what is necessary to achieve them.

How do we become an A student?

  • Set realistic performance goals
  • Be realistic about time available
  • Get the work done
  • Don’t take shortcuts
  • Don’t make excuses

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