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Just Say No

Posted by on July 20th, 2012 with 0 Comments

“You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage – pleasantly, smilingly, non apologetically – to say ‘no’ to other things.  And the way to do that is to have a bigger ‘yes’ burning inside.  Stephen Covey


That is quite a simple statement.  Clear and concise.  No magic trick or anything else required.  Yet, this is the hardest things for many athletes to implement in their training, just saying ‘no’.


It is very easy for an athlete to fall into the trap of going along with a crowd.  For many of us it is impossible to say ‘no’ to our fellow athletes.  We are more concerned about what others may think about us than we are about our own goals.   This mindset is disastrous in sport and life.   Let’s get down to the simple truth.


Simple Truth:

It is none of your business what others think of you. You have no control over the thoughts of others and their opinion is inconsequential

to your goals.   In order to succeed in sport and life, you sometimes have to put others opinion aside and do what is right for you!


What does this mean?


This simply means that in order to succeed:

  1.  You need to know what your goals are
  2. You need to have a burning desire to meet your goals You can’t let the opinions of  others influence whether or not you get your training accomplished. There will be days when what you “have” to do in order to succeed will not be what you want to do.
  3. How many times have you been invited to a training session that doesn’t fall into line with your training needs?  We all have friends that we like to train with.  Training with others is fun and can break the monotony of the training routine.  Sometimes we just have to go it on our own.


Let me give you a few hints on how to still enjoy training with others even if you aren’t evenly matched or your workouts are very different.


  • Treadmills are a great way to run with a partner.  You will have company and you can do your workout .
  • Bike trainers are much the same as the treadmill.  You have a captive audience to play with you.
  • Swim workouts… let’s face it,  you can’t talk in the middle of a lap but the wall is a great place to hang out.
  • Track workouts, you can pass out high fives all day long no matter what speed everyone is running.


I hope that these tips help you to meet your goals!



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