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Hot Yoga for Athletes

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If you are an athlete, someone who plays or participates in a sport at any level, you should be using yoga to enhance and improve your performance. More and more athletes, whether they run, cycle, swim, golf, or play tennis, are discovering yoga as their secret weapon.


Benefits of Hot Yoga

  • Prevent injury
  • Recover faster from injury
  • Recover from intense workouts – rest and regeneration is key to optimal training
  • Increased range of motion
  • Improved concentration and focus

Improve your performance

Many athletes, especially endurance athletes, ignore the flexibility aspect of their fitness plan and pay the price with tight and weak hips, poor posture and positioning, and imbalances due to overuse and repetitive movements. Eventually, the body will find ways to cope but this produces ineffective efforts and progress.

In this dynamic class, we will use yoga to work small tendons and muscles essential for stability and correct form in running. We will open the hips, back, chest and shoulders with flexibility poses – essential for injury prevention. We will focus on improving tight hips and weak hamstrings that result from the overuse of quads during running.

Cyclists will benefit from work on strengthening lower back muscles. No matter what sport you participate in, a strong core is essential and this class delivers plenty of core work.

Learn to relax and breathe

Use breathing to train the body and mind to deal with stressful situations. This improves focus and endurance. We will incorporate visualization and other sports psychology exercises to develop mental skills and strategies that allow you to perform your very best. Finally, you will learn to use relaxation as a tool to recover from intense workouts – an often overlooked aspect to training is the rest and recovery cycle.

Why HOT yoga?

The heat loosens you up and increases your flexibility without the risk of injury. For athletes, there are two other distinct advantages. The first advantage is the heat prepares you to compete more comfortably in hot weather. Your body gets used to being stressed in the heat. The second advantage to hot yoga is mental toughness – you will develop mental discipline by focusing on your breath and tuning in to your body. Your body and your mind are made stronger.

The details

These special classes are held Sundays from 6:30 to 7:30 pm at Hot Yoga of Huntsville in Hampton Cove, next to Walmart. To learn about the full range of benefits of Hot Yoga, often referred to as Bikram Yoga, take a few minutes to review their site at In addition to detailing the wide range of benefits of hot yoga, their site will explain what to expect and review the tips for newcomers. If you still have questions, they can be reached at (256) 585-6380.

The classes are taught by E3 Trivolution coach Karen Doehrman, a regular instructor at Hot Yoga of Huntsville and the Huntsville Hospital Wellness Centers. She is also available for private sessions.

Ten weeks: January 8- March 11

Please note our special pricing for E3 Athletes – only $25.

  • Special reduced fee for this class only: $65 (does not apply for any other Hot Yoga of Huntsville class)
  • Hot Yoga of Huntsville members: no additional charge – sign in as usual!
  • E3 Trivolution Athletes: $25
  • Team Rocket Tri Club Members: $55

For more information, call e3Multisport at (256) 520-6073 or Hot Yoga of Huntsville at (256) 585-6380.

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