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Get Fat!

Posted by on September 25th, 2011 with 0 Comments

Want to be a better cyclist?

Get Fat!

E3 Trivolution Coaching tip - use Fat Tires

Fat tires, that is. Mountain biking is an excellent way to develop strength and hone your biking skills.

Many triathletes subject themselves to mind numbing hours on the trainer. Sitting in pools of their own sweat while watching such classics as “American Flyers” and ‘Breaking Away”. These are great cycling movies but wouldn’t you rather be outside and having fun rather than being in your little pain cave with a $15 fan blowing stagnant air over your body?

Riding on the trails is decidedly more fun than a trainer ride and you are usually blocked from the cold wind by trees. It is a great alternative to being on the open road bundled up like Nanuk of the North.

Make your off season cycling fun and productive.

1. Hill repeats on the mountain bike. Traditional thinking is that hill repeats should be done on a road bike. That is all fine and good if you want to work less and feel like a winner. If you want to get some serious work in, get on that mountain bike and start doing hills! The extra weight and gearing is going to make this more of a challenge. You have a huge range of gears so that you can work on your cadence. The BIG bonus is that downhills on fat tires is nothing but fun! I try to do all of my commuting on the mountain bike, especially if know that hills are on my route.
2. Ride lots of trails. You can’t help but to develop better bike handling skills if you ride on the trails. You learn how to pick a line, balance and anticipate shifting on the trails. You learn very quickly that if you don’t do these things properly, you fall on the ground. Falling on the ground is no fun and we all want to have fun, right? So we quickly start developing these skills. The short steep climbs on trails are perfect for developing power. The 120 degree turns teach handling skills. The snakes teach you how to brake or bunny hop.
3. Night riding on the mountain bike. Once you get to the point that you can pick a line, grab a tree for help and anticipate shifts, you are ready to have some real fun. Night rides finely hone your reaction time. You learn not to panic. You learn that you can handle anything if you just stay calm. In short it teaches you valuable skills that you need on race day.

You can do a lot of great work on the trainer, but , how many bad movies can you watch in one long winter?

Get Fat and Have Fun!

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