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Coaching commitment

E3 TriVolution treats all of our athletes as equals. This means that a novice athlete will receive the same level of commitment and service as an elite athlete. We know that communication is crucial to the coaching process. We design your training around YOU. We work with you to come up with a training plan that works for you and your life.
  • Pre Race final check counseling
  • Access to discounts for merchandise and services with our partner businesses
  • Free access to group workouts
  • Monthly one on one training sessions available
  • Major equipment purchase consulting
  • Priority Admission to special training sessions
  • Reduced Rates for Personal Training, TRX Suspension Training, Yoga and Swim Clinics

Pricing structure


Program Silver Gold
TrainingPeaks Premium Athlete Edition Included Included
Start-Up Interview/Consultation Included Included
Goal Planning Included Included
Individualized Plan Tailored to your Needs Included Included
Communication Frequency One phone call per month plus one e-mail per week Unlimited phone and e-mail within 24hrs of request
Training Schedules Posted Monthly Weekly
Training Schedule Updates Once per month Up to four times per month
HR/Power/GPS File Review Weekly Unlimited
Pricing $170/month
plus $99 start-up fee
plus $99 start-up fee


To get started, email Eric to arrange a consultation and assessment session. It will guide you through the process and ensure that you are suitable for E3 TriVolution Coaching.

Features Explained

Premium Athlete Edition

Premium Edition includes access to workout charts, data file analysis, advanced metrics, and more, a $19.95/month value.

Start-Up Interview/Consultation

Before getting started your coach will contact you to talk about your athletic history, experience, training availability, work and family responsibilities, and more.

Goal Planning

You will work with your coach to set appropriate goals for the season.

Individualized Plan

Workout schedules will individually tailored to your needs and athletic goals.

Communication Frequency

This determines how often you can contact your coach regarding workout questions or other matters.

Training Schedules Posted

Workouts will be made available for you to see on a weekly (Gold) or monthly (Silver) basis depending on the coaching level chosen.

Training Schedule Updates

Your coach will make the allotted number of changes to your workout schedule once it has been posted to your calendar.

HR/Power/GPS file review

Your coach will review and analyze your data files on an unlimited (Gold) or weekly (Silver) basis or and provide feedback and suggestions as needed.

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