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e3 coaches Eric and Karen Doehrman

The combined talents of husband and wife triathletes, Eric and Karen Doehrman provide E3 TriVolution with a unique coaching perspective. Offering years of experience, their team approach, dedication and focus inspires and pushes The Tribe to accomplish shared goals. They believe in their athletes and work to establish a sense of belonging and community to something “bigger” than just racing a triathlon – a sense of being part of The Tribe!

Eric Doehrman

I’m a multiple Ironman finisher and have been involved in the sport of triathlon for 16 years. My story is probably similar to that of many typical age group athletes: The first race I entered was on the back of zero training, on an old mountain bike and absolutely no clue as to what I had gotten himself into!

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Sixteen years and several bikes later, I’ve competed in races from sprint to Ironman. I can tell you firsthand what it is like to hit the point where your body can’t give anymore. I believe in walking the walk – and letting the walk speak for itself!

As the primary coach for E3 TriVolution Coaching, I use technology and tools to coach athletes throughout the world. I’m dedicated and focused on my athletes and pride myself on constant encouragement. I believe in my athletes and work to inspire a sense of belonging and community – to be part of something “bigger” than just racing a triathlon – to be part of the Tribe! -Eric

Karen Doehrman

My primary interest as a triathlon coach is enabling and guiding my clients to achieve their goals by building confidence, and providing focused, personalized training. The mind-body relationship in training, mental toughness concepts and creating life balance are the cornerstones of my training philosophy. I believe in no-nonsense, hard work – always pushing to do your best each time.

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A multiple Ironman finisher and frequent age group placer, I am also a certified yoga instructor. I use both hot yoga and power yoga to combat boredom with traditional strength training and core work. Yoga is an integral component/cross-training leading to improved racing! I regularly teach classes for yoga athletes and am available for private lessons. Additionally, as a certified life and wellness coach, I understand the personal challenges of multiple roles in an athlete’s life: professional, spouse, parent, friend, and athlete!

Working with Eric, as his partner in life and triathlon, is one of greatest joys I have ever known. Every success that I have had in this sport is due to Eric’s coaching. I have listened and learned over the years from him, watching myself and others get faster! His methods work if you follow the plan, work hard, believe in yourself, and then on race day – just go out and have fun! - Karen

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