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Our Approach to Success

We know that there isn’t a magic shoe, power meter, wetsuit, wheel, pill or anything else that is going to to put you on the podium. These are all tools that are worthless without you, the athlete. We know that the key to success is a well designed training program that is designed around each individuals strengths, weaknesses, lifestyle, time commitments and goals.

What makes E3 TriVolution different?

Here is what we believe:

  • Clear, concise and consistent training throughout the year produces tangible results
  • Training quality over training quantity
  • Every athlete has the potential to amaze themselves. It is our job to tap that potential and help you realize your dreams.
  • Every athlete is unique and does not fit a set mold
  • You shouldn’t need a Phd. to be able to understand your training program
  • Tapping an athletes inner strength and exploring new performance boundaries
  • The true essence of an athlete can be seen in how they compete, not necessarily how they finish.
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